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Petal Love [PG, Siwon/Hanykung, Siwon/Heechul]

Petal Love [PG, Siwon/Hankyung, implied Siwon/Heechul]

In which Siwon is heartbroken and Hankyung is in love. Short but not really sweet.


Kim Heechul was the first man Siwon came out to.

Despite his attitude, the older man was considerate, open, caring and kind. Not to mention incredibly clever. He knew Siwon was guilt-ridden over the situation, called him out on it and gave him the words he wanted to hear. He knew Siwon was new to the situation and showed him the ropes. He knew Siwon’s heart.

Kim Heechul was the first man Siwon fell in love with.

And yet despite his reputation, Heechul took it well. He responded gently, making it clear he was only in it for the sex, maybe for the smiles and warm hugs in the morning. He knew exactly how hard Siwon’s heart would break, but he also knew he couldn’t do anything about it. Heechul was a generous friend, a passionate lover, an open-minded debater but he was anything but a sympathetic heartbreaker. There was only one person in all of Asia who he knew could mend Siwon’s heart bit by bit.

When Heechul first met Hankyung, he wasn’t impressed. The man was so compliant, too easy to please, soft spoken and easy-going. He smiles never quite reached his dark, hooded eyes, his laughs never seemed to ring with happiness. Heechul, being Heechul, just wanted to figure him out. It took him three weeks, fifty-seven bottles of soju and a lot of miming for him to realize that Hankyung was just that kind of man, soft and quiet and gentle and kind. And Heechul had given him position of mediator before Hankyung even realized. He was going to fix everything.


So Heechul wasn’t the least bit surprised when Siwon went to talk to Hankyung and Hankyung ended up knocking on his door later that night.

“So Siwon told me you two were together but now you hate him.” Hankyung said, for lack of better words when Heechul opened the door.

“Nobody hates him,” Heechul replied coolly, “He knew what he was getting himself into.”

Hankyung stared him down because he was the only person who could do that. “Siwon can’t handle that,” he said slowly, making sure all his vowels were correct. “You know that. He’s too soft.”

“Well maybe he should toughen up,” Heechul snapped, annoyed. He knew Hankyung had the heart to sympathize with Siwon, but he also expected Hankyung to fulfill his duties as best friend.

“Siwon doesn’t need to change himself,” Hankyung said quietly. The words were soft, so soft Heechul nearly missed them, but made a huge impact nonetheless.

He exhaled and leaned against the doorframe. “What do you want me to do?” He asked meanly. “I told him he was getting himself into a boatload of shit. He didn’t listen.”

Hankyung sighed and didn’t say anything. They looked at each other, two friends, on opposite sides of the door. “What do you want me to do?” He said finally, “What can I possibly do that you haven’t already?”

Heechul was already walking away. “Fix him,” he demanded. “Fix him and make things right again.”


Kim Heechul was cunningly clever. He knew Hankyung and Siwon had the steady relationship to smooth things over, fix the problems. He knew Siwon enough to know that the younger man was never going to hold a grudge and he knew Hankyung enough to know that he would never let him. But what Kim Heechul never accounted for was the simple array of human emotions.

He never thought that Hankyung might have fallen in love with Siwon.


“How are things?” He asked under his breath as Hankyung made rice.

He didn’t say anything, just continued chopping vegetables. After a stretch of uncomfortable silence, he spoke up again. “You really hurt him.”

“We’ve established that,” Heechul said angrily. “How is he?”


Heechul didn’t even pretend to be dejected. “Shut up,” he snapped. “Are you keeping him happy?”

Hankyung looked at him, his eyes blazing. “You’re my friend, hyung,” he said simply, “But right now I can’t understand why you would do something like that to Choi Siwon. Siwon, for God’s sake. He’s so vulnerable.”

“He wanted what he got,” Heechul replied simply.

Hankyung didn’t say anything and left the room, the rice still cooking.


“I’m sorry,” Hankyung said to Siwon quietly.

The younger man looked up, surprise written all over his face. He was so easy to read. “You’re sorry? What for?”

“For letting him hurt you.”

Siwon shook his head. “Hyung, he hurt us both. But we have to learn to forgive.”

“So forgiving is that easy for you?” Hankyung asked quietly. “Forgive something, and then forget?”

“I could never forget, hyung,” Siwon sighed. “But I can try my hardest to forgive.”

“What about me?” Hankyung demanded, sidling up to the younger man. “What do you see, when you see me? Begging for you? For love? Do you want to forget that?”

Siwon bit back his tears and reached out to touch Hankyung’s cheek, cold to the touch. “I can’t do it, hyung,” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Hankyung leaned back and closed his eyes. “Fuck Kim Heechul,” he muttered.


“What is this?” Heechul demanded as Hankyung turned around, a cigarette dangling from his hands.

“A smoke.”

“No shit,” He hissed, “Get rid of it!”

“I’m not getting rid of it,” Hankyung’s eyes blazed. “I need a goddamn smoke.”

“That’s great,” Heechul leaned against the wall. “Kill yourself slowly. Not only do I have to watch you suffer, I’ll be performing at your funeral.”

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“Who said you had a choice?”

“Siwon is hurting, and it’s just making things worse for me.”

“So you’ve finally decided to be selfish.”

“Selfish,” Hankyung snorted. “You’re the selfish one, hyung. You’re the one who fucked things up. Why am I the one cleaning up your shit?”

“Because,” Heechul lowered his voice. “You’re my best friend.”


Siwon closed his eyes and traced his fingers over the battered photograph in his fingers. The light hit it perfectly in a way so that he could see the perfect lines of Heechul’s face, to glitter in his smile and his beautiful, dark eyes. He held it in his hands and looked at his own face, smiling and dimpled, a perfect moment captured in a quick, drawn out heartbeat.

The door opened and Hankyung walked in quietly.

Siwon pretended not to notice when the other man settled down beside. “So maybe he’s used us both,” his voice was unfamiliar in the air, husky and hoarse. “But do you think maybe we’ve found happiness?”

Hankyung looked at him. “Happiness?” he replied dully. “Why, have we finally become platonic?”

Siwon closed his eyes. “I didn’t mean for you to get into this mess, hyung,” he whispered. “I just hoped that maybe…Things would be easier if I could hate him.”

Hankyung sighed and took the photo from his hands. He ran a finger over Heechul’s face and then down Siwon’s jawline in an unbroken thread, still connected. “It’s easy to hate people for what they do,” he said quietly, “but easier to love them for what they did.”

The photo fluttered to the ground, a snapshot of eternity lost forever in time.




Tags: bandslash, hankyung/siwon, heechul/siwon, super junior

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